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Pests are known for their destructive habits, they can damage crops, forestry, and livestock, transmit harmful diseases to humans, or cause a nuisance to people, especially in their homes and businesses. 

Many pest species called quick breeders. Because pest like ants and termites can increase their population from a few numbers to hundreds within a few weeks. It’s very hard to locate the real nest of pests with unprofessional eyes. Plus, DIY solutions don’t work on the core level of infestation. 

Another factor that affects pest activity and infestation effect is the area where you live in, for example- hot, humid, and semi-humid areas witness pests all year around. So, what is the best method to get rid of pests? The answer is a local pest control company that can provide you the best solution (because they are already aware of local pest issues) to get rid of pests from your property. 

If you live in Augusta, Georgia, and facing pest issues, you can contact us to gest best Pest Control Augusta GA services for your home and business. We offer pest control service for a range of pests such as termites, rodents, flies, mosquitoes, ants, and cockroaches.

Common Pests in the Augusta

Termites- An average termite colony can contain around 300,000 members. But few colonies can have over 1,000,000 workers. Plus they never stop feeding. Imagine these little pests living in your home. Therefore, here at Pest Control Augusta GA, we offer the finest quality termite control.

Fire Ants– In one-acre land, there can be nearly 40 million red imported fire ants. A single colony can have around 250,000 workers. This is bad news for property owners because they not only attract other insects but their tiny red bites can itch for days. 

Cockroaches- German roaches are one of the most common pests worldwide. These creepy creatures are known to spread various infections to humans. According to the study, they are about 5 million children who have allergies from roaches. These allergies can affect the growth of the child as well. Contact Pest Control Augusta GA to protect your home from cockroaches.

Types of Services offered by Pest Control Augusta GA

No matter the season, it’s essential to keep pests out of your property year-round. Plus, keeping them out is not easy and a one-time occasion. That’s why Pest Control Augusta GA provides advance and customized protection to rid your property of pests all year long.

Pest Control Augusta GA Residential Service

Out of sight doesn’t mean they are not there. Household pests like cockroaches, rodents, and ants are not simply a nuisance but can harm your property and health. Pest Control Augusta GA provides peace of mind in protecting your home from pest problems.

Pest Control Augusta GA Commercial Service

Just like pests, no two commercial facilities are alike. Different industries require a different type of pest control approach. That’s why Pest our Control Augusta GA will start with a detailed inspection of premises to understand the unique pest problem your facility faces. Then, based on our findings, we will create a customized protection plan – just to meet the unique needs of your facility.

Pest Control Augusta GA Construction Site Service

Construction and renovation sites are most vulnerable to pest infestation as pests get here easy food, shelter, and nest-building material easily. Pest infestation in the construction site can lead to numerous problems such as raw material damage, diseases breakout in workers or visitors, cause physical damage to the incomplete structure, and even attract negative attention from authority. Thus, Pest Control Augusta GA offer customize solutions for construction sites. 

Tips to Avoid Pest Infestation

The best way to protect your property from pest infestation is to avoid pests from invading in the first place. Here are some prevention ways to protect your house or business:

  • Remove all potential sources of food, water or shelter to pests
  • Store items in enclosed and safe and containers
  • Reduce areas where pests can live or hide.
  • Dispose of your garbage regularly and use a tightly closed lid container.
  • Close or seal any holes or cracks to stop outside entry.
  • Do routine surveying and cleaning from the basement floor to the roof.

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With advanced technology and award-winning training, Pest Control Augusta GA specialist will take care of any pest-related problem and make your property pest-free all year-round. You can contact our team through our 24/7 toll-free helpline or can send us your inquiry by email, our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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