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Pests like cockroaches, rats, and termites can do significant harm to your health and your property. From contamination food to causing a serious threat to health to destroy property, even building’s structural damage, pest infestation in a commercial facility can be especially distressing.

Small size pests usually creep within corners and difficult to notice inside buildings, making it very hard to eliminate them from the property. While DIY pest control solutions like traps, baits, or anti-pest sprays can provide short-term relief only in case of low-level infestation. Serious or multiple pest infestations require expert help that can eliminate all pests inside and around your home and business premises as well as prevents re-infestation in the future. 

We understand the importance of a cockroach-free environment, both at home and in your business premise. This is why we at Rentokil PCI offer varied solutions for keeping your home and surroundings cockroach-free.

Here at Pest Control Atlanta GA, we believe in removing a problem from the root that’s why we use a combination of effective methods to drive pests out of your property. We use eco-friendly methods to minimize health risks to humans, and pets.

Common Pests in Atlanta

Some people will say that it’s very common to have household pests like cockroaches and rats in the South due to semi-tropical reasons, but if your take the help of professionals; you won’t need to face this problem. Pest Control Atlanta GA provides against unwanted pests include cockroaches, beetles, a variety of spiders, bees, flies, wasps, an all other kinds of pests. Some of the most common pests you can find in Atlanta are:

  • Rats
  • Spiders
  • Cockroaches
  • BedBugs
  • Mosquitoes
  • Ticks

Types of services offered by Pest Control Atlanta GA

We understand different types of properties require different and unique pest management approach to handle the situation. For example- commercial facilities require speedy yet effective service to control the pest activities without disturbing the workforce. Pest Control Atlanta GA offers different types of quality services which include:

Pest Control Atlanta GA Residential Service

Pest Control Atlanta GA offers one of the best pest management services in the industry for residential properties. Our quality services include a detailed property inspection to identify crucial points of the infestation, a customize treatment to eliminate current pests and protection plans to prevent re-infestation in the long run.

Pest Control Atlanta GA Commercial Service

Pest Control Atlanta GA offers an array of commercial pest control services for businesses of all sizes and types. Each program utilizes defensive and corrective methods to ensure long-term pest control. These methods include treatments performed by certified technicians, long-lasting, and low toxic products, the use of innovative equipment and methods based on pest biology.

Pest Control Atlanta GA Construction Site Service

Pest infestation is the main concern for the construction industry that can lead to various problems. From raw material damage to health risks for workers and visitors to physical damage to the building’s structure, thus it’s important to add pest management in the construction plan. Pest Control Atlanta GA provides innovative pest control solutions for before, during, and after phases of construction sites.

Tips to Avoid Pest Infestation

Follow these simple tips to avoid pest infestation:

  • Clean inside and around your property regularly to remove all potential sources of food, water, or shelter for pests.
  • Use an air-tight container for food storage and always cover your food.
  • Use tight-lid container and dispose of your garbage regularly.
  • Seal or cover all external holes and cracks to prevent the entry of pests.
  • Trim all branches that provide easy access in your home, especially branches near windows and doors.

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Here at Pest Control Atlanta GA, we believe in make our customer home or office happy and entirely pest-free with our finest quality pest and termite control solution. We provide compressive pest management service to residents and commercial property owners throughout Atlanta. With our custom treatment plan, you will get peace of mind that your family and property will be protected from pests all year long.

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