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The infestation of pests can be dangerous for your property as well as for your health. That’s why pest control is necessary to be done by seeking the help of professionals.  

American Pest Control is providing its services for more than 90 years in America. With this experience, we provide the best possible service to our customers. We hold the highest standard and licensed technicians to serve the top quality service and 100% satisfaction to our customers.

American Pest Control Athens Ga is a proud QualityPro certified and one of the leading companies in America. So, if you are searching for a professional exterminator in Athens, Georgia, you can easily contact our operators or you can also schedule a free inspection from our website. 

Pest Control Athens, GA


There are so many species of pests are on the Earth, which affects human in different ways. So, it is necessary to remove these pests from our house or business. Here are some common pests with which we mostly encounter in Athens, GA:

  • Termites – Termites are the most common pest found in households and businesses. Termites build colonies in woods, floors, walls, furniture, etc. and feed them. Every year termites damage billions of dollars in America.
  • Ants – Ants travel and live in colonies in millions of numbers. They dig holes in the houses or businesses to build a colony. They can attack your children and you in a large number and cause a high risk.  
  • Cockroaches – Cockroaches are the most unhygienic pests as they can cause various diseases. They are the most infested pests. They easily spread in the kitchens in search of food. 
  • Bed Bugs – Bed bugs are the most growing problem in the U.S. They infest in your beds, furniture, and other places. Over past years, the infestation of bed bugs has been increased in northeast Georgia. 
  • Wildlife – Rats, mice, raccoons, mongoose, etc. are also the common pests to invade in the property. They damage the materials and can carry disease with them.

American Pest Control Athens, GA Services

At American Pest Control, we are entrusted to provide the best quality of service to our client. Our goal is to satisfy our clients with an effective and convenient service. You can check the services offered by American Pest Control Athens, GA, from here:

 1. Residential Service

We provide residential property pest control services in Athens, GA. Our QualityPro certified technicians monitored and treat your property with safety and ensure the protection of your family. We provide the following service in residential pest control services: 

  1. Quarterly Pest Management
  2. Termite Control
  3. Fire Ant Control
  4. Bed Bug Removal
  5. Mosquito Control

2. Commercial

We also provide a highly customized commercial pest control services in Athen, GA. Our service ensures the safety and protection of the property and humans. We work according to the convenience and flexible scheduling of the owner. Our services in commercial pest management include:

  • Hospitals/Health Care Facilities
  • Schools/Daycares
  • Restaurants
  • Warehouses
  • Production Facilities
  • Food Packaging Facilities
  • Retail facilities
  • Hotels/Motels 

Tips to Avoid Pest Control in Athen, GA

In Athens, GA you can avoid the pest infestation in your property by following the given below tips: 

  1. Remove all the leftovers and stored the food in air-tight containers.
  2. Do not allow water to stand anywhere, fix all the leaking pipes and appliances. 
  3. If you suspect any crack or hole, seat them to eliminate the entry of pests. 
  4. Use vacuum frequently to eliminate and clean the eggs from your house or office. 
  5. Keep your property clutter-free. To avoid the stay of pests in dark places as they love to hide in dark places. 
  6.  Daily clean your counters, food table, kitchen, floors, etc. to prevent crumbs or food buildup on them. 

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